Letter: Show consideration with your fireworks

Fireworks on the 4th of July fireworks were canceled and postponed to a later date. I have no problem with that issue. I have a real problem with the people who break the law and think it is fine to shoot off their own fireworks, not caring if they bother anyone else.

To these people, it is all fun, but they fail to see that it is illegal. It’s not illegal to buy, but it is illegal to set off in Ohio. Some people just do not want to hear the loud noises made, and it often terrifies pets, which get so scared they run off or hide and tremble because they are petrified. Dogs will jump fences and then get lost from the fear of firecrackers.

The biggest problem is the veterans who suffer from PTSD. The condition may last months or years. Some triggers can bring back memories of the trauma, accompanied by intense emotional and physical reactions. Often loud and unexpected sounds such as gunfire can set a veteran off. It can make people feel as if they are back at war again. These symptoms can include flashbacks, nightmares and a great deal of anxiety and sometimes a violent reaction when triggered.

Also, each year many are hurt by using 4th of July items. This year, a young man was killed by them again setting them off. Some others were hurt by them.

Why can’t people be more considerate of all of these things? I like doing things too, but I also take into consideration how my actions effect others, especially those I live around. Please do the same. It might be fun for you but not for someone else. Many other people were annoyed and told me so. When you walked out your door, you were in a haze, and there was smoke everywhere.

Mary Leidel


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