Letter: Unborn children deserve protections

Frequently, when I am watching television, there are ads sponsored by various animal rights groups or a local humane shelter. These ads, featuring dogs with ribs showing and sad, puppy dog eyes (pun intended) or hapless kittens are obviously designed to tug at the heart strings of the viewers, as well as their wallets. I ignore these ads or turn the channel.

I am not an animal hater, and I am appalled when I hear of someone with pets that are being starved or lacking needed medical care, etc. However, I do not do back flips or jumping jacks when I have an encounter with a mangy mongrel or a flea-infested feline.

I am more interested in what, if anything, is being done concerning the killing of unborn babies, via a woman’s “right to choose.” It’s too bad the baby does not have the right to choose; I know what it would decide.

When the archaeologists dig through our ruins, centuries from now, I can imagine the looks on their faces when they discuss abortion being legal in our society, while one could be jailed for kicking a dog. So much for priorities.

— Victor Arnett


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