Editorial: Ringing up the price of impeachment

The Lima News

Well, that was costly — in more ways than one.

The impeachment hearing that never should have happened ended with an acquittal of President Donald Trump.

No surprise, there.

The Democrats last hope — if they really had any hope at all — was dashed when John Bolton was not given the opportunity to testify. After that happened, it was just a matter of going through the motions until Chief Justice John Roberts ended the agony.

So how much did the hearings cost us?

A popular number being thrown around is $40 million. However, Fox Business News puts it way below that at $3.06 million and Yahoo Finance has it at zero — yes, zero.

It points out that members of Congress are on a salary ($174,000 a year) and the buildings are owned by the government, so in terms of additional costs to American taxpayers, it’s essentially zero — you’re already paying for Congress’ time, one way or another. Of course, if our fearless leaders didn’t have to deal with the impeachment hearings, they could have been getting more work done on finding a fix for our highways and bridges as well as other projects.

Speaking about those fearless leaders, wasn’t it grand after the trial to hear the President of the United States refer to his political foes as “scum,” “sleaze bags” and “horrible people” — and we’re not even going to get into how he acted during a Prayer Day breakfast.

And didn’t Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi make you equally proud during the State of the Union address when she stood up behind President Trump and ripped up a copy of his speech on national television.

Yes, the impeachment hearings were costly — not just in dollars and cents — but in the humiliation the United States subjected itself to from the junior-high-like antics of the leaders of the Democrat and Republican parties.

The Lima News

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