Letter: Residents do depend on RTA

For any of us who have multiple cars in our driveway or garage, it can be incredibly difficult to understand or realize how some in our community do not have these resources.

I am acquainted with a good number of people who regularly rely on RTA as public transportation. They are all people who are working, or seeking an education, or desire to get around the area for medical treatments and retail purchases. Their commonalities are people who want to be independent, citizens who strive to live within their means, and they pay taxes. And I have seen where education and better incomes have allowed these Allen County citizens to become more financially stable and eventually purchase their own vehicles.

My grave concern is that if the RTA levy fails, these public transportation resources will go away and when that happens, hard working citizens serving minimum wage jobs may not be able to get to work. Allen County prospers when we can all be at work! The Board of Elections has extended hours for absentee voting in the days that remain before the May 7 election – even Sunday.

I urge the community to get out and vote for this important community resource and keep Allen County at work.

Beth Seibert, Lima

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