Marietta Times: Students the key to solving bullying, violence, depression

The Marietta Times

An organization founded by families of children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting knew they needed to try something different — something a whole lot of other adults had ignored — if they were to make a difference in kids’ lives.

“We empower and help one population to prevent these events — students, young people like you,” said Andrea Plant of Sandy Hook Promise, during an assembly at a Marietta-area school last week. We know “that you know things far in advance of anyone else.”

And so, the goal is to give students tools to reach out to those who are isolated, to prevent depression, violence and bullying well before those problems have reached a stage that could be stopped with security protocol, armed guards and locked doors.

Working to prevent social isolation is important at any age. It can be the start to eliminating a host of other challenges.

“It’s the easiest thing people can do, and they can do it now, it’s a way to start,” said sophomore Lydia Klinger. “You can’t change everything right away, but this is the thing that’s most modifiable.”

The Marietta Times

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