Don’t shut down Davis-Besse

The Akron Beacon Journal

Two analysts at the Brattle Group have reinforced the argument for keeping open the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear power plants. They include in their assessment, the Beaver Valley nuclear plant, also owned by FirstEnergy, and the Three Mile Island plant, owned by Exelon. These four plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania, slated to shut down, generate 39 million megawatt hours of zero-carbon electricity each year.

So closing the plants means the loss of a massive amount of clean energy, just as the country, and the rest of the planet, should be thinking about how to maximize energy sources that do not emit the greenhouse gases fueling climate change.

… This is a moment ripe for environmental groups to rally, but their voices barely have been heard. No doubt, nuclear power comes with complications, starting with the time and cost in constructing new plants. Yet this discussion isn’t about the broader future of nuclear. It is about what to do now with the largest source of clean energy available in an era of mounting climate change.

Consider that 15 or more nuclear plants could close in the next decade. Brattle defines the harm in shutting down just four.

The Akron Beacon Journal

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