Mark Figley: ‘Birthing’ the arrival of ‘newspeak’

By Mark Figley - Guest Columnist

In George Orwell’s classic, “1984,” the government controls people’s thoughts through the use of a new language referred to as “Newspeak.” The FOX Business Network’s John Stossel recently acknowledged that this future is now.

During a congressional hearing on “Birthing While Black,” elected officials chose to diminish mothers and women everywhere through their repeated use of the term “birthing people.” In a further swipe at moms of all colors, Joe Biden’s 2022 Budget paper uses the same nonsensical terminology in a section regarding maternal mortality; undoubtedly in deference to pro-choice groups such as NARAL which support such gender-neutral buffoonery.

Transgender activists have similarly contributed by giving us the repugnant term “chestfeeder.” In today’s jumbled world, nursing an infant can be performed not just by mothers, but anyone.

Other assorted speech hustlers have gotten in on the act too, changing “equality” to “equity,” eliminating “mistress” in favor of “companion, friend, or lover,” and characterizing speech as “violent” if it characterizes a transgender woman as a man.

“Latinx” is another term recently invented by social justice activists, mostly white and middle-class, who have singularly determined that “Latina” and “Latino” are unsatisfactory or somehow insensitive to those who actually accept such characterizations.

Students at the University of Illinois-Chicago are all in as well. Some of them became upset after law professor Jason Kilborn included the N-word, with only the first letter shown, on an employment discrimination exam. One student was so affected that she “had to seek counsel to calm herself.” Claiming such victimhood ultimately contributes to power, and after students demanded he be punished, Kilborn was suspended despite the fact that he had used the same exam for 10 years.

Linguist John McWhorter, author of the upcoming book “Woke Racism,” says, “It can be really hard to talk to each other because we don’t know what the words we’re using mean.” And when speech is narrowly defined, human division, alienation and societal breakdown invariably result.

In another blast of madness, U.S. drug enforcement agents have been directed to stop using the term “Mexican cartels” when speaking to the media. “Drug cartel(s)” is preferred of course.

Such lunacy comes at a time when illegal drugs continue to pour in to the U.S., including 8,093 pounds of fentanyl through June of 2021, an amount of the drug that exceeds that confiscated in 2019 and 2020 combined. And no less than the DEA itself admits that “Mexican cartels” are responsible for producing and supplying fentanyl to the U.S. and “remain our greatest criminal drug threat.”

This trend to limit what is acceptable speech is growing. In fact, it has become literally impossible to keep up with it. Whereas free speech is an extension of free thought, each equally dependent upon the other, normal people have come to loathe and despise incessant efforts to stifle them.

Ultimately, there remains but one way to stop this perpetual bastardization of our culture. By pushing back against such coordinated drivel and adamantly proclaiming absolute truths such as men cannot get pregnant (ever met an expectant father?) and there are but two genders.

Our society is already teetering. The continued, intentional destruction of speech is potentially the final nail in the coffin for the freedoms we have long taken for granted. If not beaten back, it will preclude the tragic end of America’s great experiment and ultimately the very death of our republic.

By Mark Figley

Guest Columnist

Mark Figley is a political activist and guest columnist from Elida. His column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Lima News editorial board or AIM Media, owner of The Lima News.

Mark Figley is a political activist and guest columnist from Elida. His column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Lima News editorial board or AIM Media, owner of The Lima News.

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