Letter: Lightsource bp misleading public

Lightsource bp has spent this last week attempting to spin their project and reset narratives that they know are working against them. The recent survey Lightsource BP sponsored, having surveyed only 150 people in the five counties surrounding Lima, should be an embarrassment to whomever authorized its publication as well as Lightsource and British Petroleum (BP).

I know of no one in our group who does not support our local farmers nor their right to do with their property what they wish to do. As long as what they do is responsibly done, complies with local design and zoning regulations and does not present a negative impact to the health, safety and well-being of the community in which it is located. Lightsource bp has not provided our community any evidence that what they are proposing accomplishes this.

The spin coming from Lightsource and BP’s Deepwater Horizon tragedy crisis management PR firm, Purple Strategies, reflects what Lightsource already knows — this project is not right for our community. Lightsource is also attempting to win over public opinion by stating they are working with the community and changing their plans. However, having never made plans public to measure their “work” against this is nothing but hype.

Lightsource has done nothing since their public meetings but attempt to continue misleading the public by dressing up and putting “lipstick on a pig,” mailing pictures to their neighbors, and attempting to sell it as a bald eagle. If Lightsource is willing to stoop to this level of shenanigans, what else do you believe they might be trying to keep from you? Perhaps the actual revenue our community might lose if Lightsource is successful in entering into a Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) agreement with the county commissioners? Perhaps more?

Jim Thompson,

Shawnee T0wnship


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