They said it …

By Jim Krumel - [email protected]

“The whole thing seemed to last about 10 seconds and it was done.” — Troy Knapke, of Celina, on Monday’s devastating tornado.

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“It appeared he never knew it was storming or anything.” — Celina Fire Chief Doug Wolters, who confirmed that Melvin Hanna was sleeping when a tornado picked up a parked car and tossed it into Hanna’s home, killing him.

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“At my age I have seen bad years.” — 82-year-old farmer Don Hempfling, of Glandorf, when asked if he has ever seen such bad spring weather.

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“Looking at the longer forecast, we’re trending back to normal as we go toward the end of June and into July.” — AccuWeather senior meteorologist Paul Walker, with the words we’ve been waiting to hear.

By Jim Krumel

[email protected]

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