Snow heroes: For it is in giving that they receive

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The Lima News thanks all of you who told us about your Snow Heroes during the blizzard. Today is the conclusion of the series of Snow Heroes:

Over the years my husband and I tried to be good neighbors. We had an elderly couple that lived next door and from time to time would plow their driveway. We never expected anything in return.

We are now 79 and 78 years old. During the blizzard I was concerned I would have to cancel a doctor’s appointment as our driveway was loaded with snow. Behold when we awoke on Monday our driveway was plowed. John Lowry, who owns the farm ground around our house, had done the good deed. We are so appreciative. I guess it is true that when one does a good deed for another, it surely will come back to him or her.

Teresa Bungard, Cridersville

Sunday morning I started clearing the mountain of snow on my drive with my little 12-inch electric snowblower. I didn’t have much done when a relative of my east-side neighbor came up the sidewalk with his much bigger blower. He had my drive cleaned in a fraction of the time it would have taken me. This neighbor also has relatives, two young men, who are my “summer heroes.” They keep my lawn looking nice. I really appreciate my neighbors who make Westgate such a great neighborhood. I have snow heroes on each side of me. My west side neighbor has cleared my walk so many times.

Ramona Lampton, Lima

Monday after the blizzard I knew I was getting an important notice in the mail. I put on my boots, coat and gloves and started out to the road where my mailbox is. A pickup coming down the road stopped. The driver got out and got my mail for me. He said he didn’t want me to cross the road. I am 81 and have fallen. There are so many caring farmers that live near Dupont.

Mrs. Mary Ellen Thomas, Continental

We are so fortunate to have wonderful neighbors next door. We are elderly and Susie and Jeff Campbell shoveled our drive three times during the blizzard. In the summer they share cooked fish and garden produce. We cannot thank them enough.

Don and Joanne Overmyer, Bluffton

Over the past few years we have been blessed with two neighbors who have gone that extra mile to clean our driveway and walks when heavy snow hits. When you are in your 80’s that sure is a wonderful thing. John Nixon is one of our snow angels. A number of years ago I tried to reciprocate by doing his driveway before he came home from work. Later he came to my door and said that wasn’t necessary because: “My father is wintering in Florida and You are taking his place for the season.” What a great friend and neighbor. Bob Gilbraith also helps out if John doesn’t get there ahead of him. What a pleasure to live in a city and neighborhood where you have neighbors like John and Bob.

My angel is a very busy, kind, wonderful man. Hes a captain for the Shawnee Fire Department, has his own HazMat business, farms part time and cares for his loving family. All this, and he still takes time to plow out the driveway of this old grandma whenever we have snow storms. Thank you and bless you Matthew Briggs.

Billie Briggs, Lima

I want to thank two people: One I know as Tom and the other I don’t know. Tom cleared the snow in front of my garage, the other cleared the sidewalks in the entire block. Thank you so much.

Tina Pack, Lima

Thanks goes to Wendy Bennett, who cleaned our drive with her Bobcat. My husband and I are unable to do it anymore. She’s a true snow angel.

Joy Kuhns

Our sincere thanks to Reagan and Tori Whitaker, along with the YAM’s (Young Adult Ministries) group from the Lima Community Church for shoveling our driveway and sidewalks. It was an act of love and kindness.

Bill and Joan Bell, Lima

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