Snow heroes: Yes, there still are some good folks around

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The Lima News asked readers to tell us about their Snow Heroes that helped them during January’s blizzard. The stories keep coming. More are shared today:

I have heard it said we have angels all around us. We have two on Merit Avenue. We never have to worry about our driveway and sidewalk when the snow falls. Our “snow angels are Nick and Jane Donnely. What great neighbors! Thanks for all that you do.

Alvin and Theresa Davis, Lima

Yes, there are still some good folks around. Early Sunday morning a large tractor with a snow blower was clearing my driveway. I don’t know who he was but he did several driveways on state Route 109 north of town. Then my nephew, Ryan Thompson, and his two sons came and shoveled out the snow the blower couldn’t reach. I am a senior citizen and I appreciate the help.

Mrs. Mary Thompson, Ottawa

We live on Wendell Avenue, the best block in Lima, and have the best neighbors. Both of us are in our 80’s and have health issues. During the big snowstorm we heard a snowblower and discovered Eddie and Sandy Monfort using their new snowblower to clear our driveway. Tony Azzarello has used his snowblower to clear our driveway during previous snows. Marti Azzarello offered to go to the grocery for us. He also pulls our garbage cans back in front of the garage. Rick Frymyer is a summer angel. He mows our yard all summer. None of these angels/heroes will take any pay. We truly appreciate our neighbors.

Our Lima News carrier, Colleen Miller, and the mailman made their deliveries through the drifts, cold and ice.

Gail Eckler, Lima

I would like to publicly thank two great neighbors, Mark Mathews and Mark Mcillroy, for shoveling me out after last weeks snowstorm. Braving the severely cold temperatures to clean my driveway was above and beyond the call of duty.

Bill Stratton, Elida

Since my husband James passed away I have yet to figure out the snowblower. My first snow angel is my grandson, Anthony Schuh — he shoveled me out Saturday. I shoveled the snow Saturday night but by Sunday it had filled back up. My neighbor came across the street to look over the snowblower but it doesn’t start. I proceed to shovel and he comes over with his blower and we complete the task in minutes. Years ago there was a movie about an evil car that started automatically. Just maybe that will be my snowblower.

Cynthia McCluer, Lima

Thank you so much coach for being so kind and clearing our driveway. You are such a big help.You have our eternal gratitude.

Earl and Eva Ingram, Elida

To the unknown person who plowed my driveway. You have earned my eternal gratitude.

Marilyn Mackey, Elida

My neighbor is out there in the cold faithfully doing his driveway and sidewalk. No he doesn’t stop there, he continues to do mine also. I thank him when I see him; but he’s usually so incognito and refuses money. I thank God for having the best neighbors ever – Lisa and Rich Williams.

Deborah Morris, Lima

Our hero, John Hinds Jr., came quickly to our rescue. John had our driveway completely cleared out in no time. The drift we had was huge — 4-foot high and we couldn’t have gotten out of the driveway without John’s help. Also, thank you Matt and Annie for being part in getting us dug out.

July and Mike Sneary, Harrod

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