Letter: Kasich ‘the bull’ on local funding

On Sunday, Nov. 11, The Lima News published an article, “Kasich reflects.” Comments made by me during a meeting I attended in 2015 were used. My quote: “Columbus is just taking and taking, and we have someone saying, ‘Oh, I’m not raising your taxes. I might even run for president because I’m not raising your taxes.’ No, he’s taking what was originally given to us.”

In the late 1930s, the voters of Ohio gave us better than 30 percent of the state’s gross revenue. The 30 percent has slowly been taken away from local entities, schools, cities and townships. Local government funds are now 1.3 percent.

Kasich said complaining about Local Government Funds is a convenient excuse for local officials to escape their own lack of ability to manage. “Look, I’m for local government, but don’t try to bully me,” Kasich added.

The state’s rainy day fund is now $3 billion, so the Ohio House of Representatives has passed and sent to the Senate HB415. This will allow some of the money going into the rainy day fund to be diverted to local governments.

I am asking you to call your state representatives and senators in Columbus and tell them to support HB415. If it passes, Kasich may veto it. If that would happen, who is the bully.

David Wieging, Jennings Township trustee, Putnam County

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