Letter: Help fund humane society

Judy Schroer, Columbus

The Humane Society is not just about animals. This is a community issue, a health issue, a humane issue and tells a lot about the compassion of the people of Allen County.

I am from the Lima area and helping to fundraise so the Humane Society of Allen County does not close. How inhumane is that just thinking about it. There seems to be money to build civic and arts, but what about the homeless pets that the people of Lima have continued to let multiply?

You have created this problem. This is your problem.

Spaying and neutering is the healthiest option you can do for your pet. Its not expensive and “having a litter just so the kids can see,” is completely a falsehood. You need to be showing your kids what happens in a community that does not take care of its own responsibilities. Show your kids how compassion can help their character and how they can become better adults who can in the future help to control the over pet population.

Fundraising Friends of the Humane Society of Allen County is a Facebook page where you can go to help. Every single person can do something. They receive no county, city, or federal money to support the shelter. Its about average people, corporations and government stepping up. Being proud of your city and your county where you live and raise your children.

Make Lima a place to be proud of. It’s up to you, adopt a pet, volunteer, donate or visit the shelter and see how you can help. We are all on this planet together to take care of each other.

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