Ron Fails: Solidarity needed to fight racism

The Rev. Ronald Fails

We are actively in a race war as evident by the events across this nation against Blacks.

There are nine Blacks dead in South Carolina from the actions of a coward. How many more lives must be loss to death by racist people without a cry from citizens, no matter their race?

It is easy to cheer lead from the sidelines to encourage others to participate in the change. But change can only be effective if citizens use their voice in order to achieve unity and equality for all. In 2008, more than 900 white supremacist groups existed in the United States. The NAACP and others are needed to be a voice because of these groups.

I receive hate mail from an anonymous coward. This coward recently enclosed an article by an attorney who expressed his racist remarks about Black people. This example exemplifies the need for the NAACP and citizens to utilize our voice against such ignorance. Racists are in judicial systems, school systems, hospitals, law enforcement, city government, etc. Racists are in every facet of society to do harm and in some cases to kill others.

As citizens of Lima, we will never overcome this type of ignorance without the voice of solidarity to generate dialogue as we demand change to establish a better community for all. The NAACP has an agenda with set goals to work in unity to achieve resolution in matters of civil rights, as seen but not limit to our current positive dialogue with the Lima Police Department, the Ohio Highway Patrol and the Allen County Sheriff’s Office.

We will overcome by the simple act of love for our brother and sister. A battle might commence to achieve resolution, but the battle will be worth it.

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