Letter: Leonard Pitts can’t be serious?

Harris <kharris1@woh.rr.com>

Sat 12/4/2021 12:29 PM

I mistakenly entered Jerry when I meant to enter Leonard in my letter of the third. I have corrected the mistake, please note my error and correct the letter before publishing. I guess I should have proof red a third time.

Kenneth E. Harris

From: Harris [mailto:kharris1@woh.rr.com]

I just finished reading Leonard Pitts Jr.’s latest article Friday in The Lima News. Somehow he manages to blame mask and vaccine resistors for the epidemic of smash and grab robberies which are currently plaguing our liberal controlled cities.

It is amazing how this man can ignore the works of Soros supported prosecutors who refuse to prosecute law breakers and support no bail release for shoplifting and other minor crimes. Does he not realize that without the threat of punishment and imprisonment that people will be emboldened to take the easy way to enrich themselves.

In the People’s Republic of California, up to $900 in merchandise can be stolen and the thieves are free to go as long as that limit is not exceeded .

Mr. Pitts excuses members of organized flash mobs as “foot soldiers, people with little or way of serious police records.” Really Leonard, where do you draw the line when it comes to strong arm robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime?

It is certain that sooner or later someone will be seriously injured or murdered by one of the “foot soldiers” while they are looting a store.

Instead of blaming folks who do not buy into the mask fraud, perhaps Mr. Pitts should open his eyes to the real culprits here, the Woke government officials who by lack of enforcing laws are encouraging organized criminal enterprises.

Kenneth E. Harris

Lima, Ohio


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