Letter: They’re heroes, not villians

Last year we saw signs at every health-care facility stating “Health Care Heroes Work Here.” (I always thought they were heroes before all this Covid started!)

Well now, many of our Health Care Heroes are no longer heroes but villains instead.


Because they don’t want to take the Covid shots. So they’re being fired.

What reasons would there be for not getting these injections? Maybe it’s because of their personal conscience or religious convictions about getting injected with fetal cells; cells that come from aborted babies. Or maybe it’s because the shots are dangerous and have caused more deaths than all the vaccines used in the last 40 years. Or it could be simply because the shots just plain don’t work.

Big Pharma has already made it clear that their “vaccines” do not keep you from contracting or from spreading Covid. They are supposed to keep you from getting sick with or dying from it. It should be painfully obvious by now that they do not accomplish that either. The death rate is as high or higher among the “fully vaccinated” as among the unvaccinated and no amount of boosters will ever change that. The only thing accomplished is that they are causing people of all ages to die, not just the elderly.

I still consider our health care workers heroes – and I stand by them fully in their decision!

May God bless them!

Jim Fletcher



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