Letter: Post Office has staffing issue

I am responding to the article on the Dec. 1 front page of The Lima News entitled, “Snail mail? Slow and delayed deliveries en route.”

Being a twice a week and sometimes three times a week customer of the High Street post office, and having friends and relatives who have worked and are working for the post office, I would like to give our citizens of Lima another perspective.

If you go into the post office there are post cards throughout informing people they are “Hiring.” In talking to the staff, when new hires come on board they only last one to two days and then don’t show up to work any longer. Hence, the post office is understaffed. As for the carriers, they are asked not only to carry their route, but to go back out after an already 12-plus hour day and deliver other routes. This is going on six days per week. Sometimes after they have delivered two routes, they receive calls on their cell phones to go back out, as witnessed myself.

The sad part about this letter it will go on deaf ears as the individuals who should be applying for one of these jobs don’t get a paper or even read letters to the editor. My plea to the citizens who do read this, get your friends or younger relatives who are out of work to go up to the High Street Post Office (between Pierce Street and West Street) and apply. Chances are you will get hired on the spot.

Dave Busick


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