Editorial: $50 billion in aid, airlines still struggling?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

With recent flight cancellations, staffing snafus and other problems plaguing the airlines lately, there’s real concern Thanksgiving weekend could become a chaotic mess. Congress is starting to ask how, exactly, the companies have used the $50 billion in pandemic relief funding the taxpayers gave them over the past two years to ensure smooth operation — given that smooth operation is the opposite of what some carriers have been providing lately.

The airlines were hit especially hard by the pandemic. Predicting when and how quickly travelers would come back up was always going to be an educated guess. And the reluctance of many employees (including pilots) to return to the job is a phenomenon that few could have predicted.

Still, with that $50 billion lifeline the airlines received, why are they having such a hard time ramping back up.

It’s a valid question.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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