Letter: Huffman, MColley rig our elections

In a democracy, should elected representatives listen to the will of the people?

State Senators Matt Huffman (Allen County) and Rob McColley (Hardin County) say no.

They’ve proposed new election maps that don’t fairly represent Ohioans. Instead, these rigged districts continue the “gerrymandering” that means that in many Ohio elections, the winner is predetermined.

That’s not fair, and it’s not the will of Ohioans. In 2015 and 2018, Ohioans overwhelmingly said that they wanted fair districts. Issue 1 of 2015 tackled gerrymandering at the Ohio House and Ohio Senate Districts and won in all 88 counties. Issue 1 of May 2018 targeted U.S. Congressional districts and won in all 88 counties with 74.85% of the vote.

Why are Senators Huffman and McColley producing maps that violate the principles of fairness? To ensure that Republicans win their elections, year after year. But that’s not democracy.

Republicans at the Statehouse: Listen to your constituents. Let’s tell our elected representatives to carry out the will of Ohio voters.

More info at fairdistrictsohio.org

Maya Fischhoff



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