Letter: Why such a big deal?

Is it going to become normal for GOP political candidates to refuse to concede lost elections amid unsubstantiated claims of election fraud?

On Nov. 2, Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate lost the Virginia governor’s race to Glenn Youngkin by a 2% margin. The next morning, McAuliffe did what losing candidates have traditionally done in this country: he conceded and congratulated the winner. It was no big deal.

Contrast this with what happened in New Jersey. Republican Candidate Jack Ciattarelli lost the governor’s race to Democrat Phil Murphy by a 2.9% margin. Although the results were clear, Ciattarelli waited 10 days to concede to Murphy.

After the 10-day delay, Ciattarelli received a great deal of praise when he finally conceded and announced that the election results were legitimate.

Yes, it is a good thing that Ciattarelli finally saw fit to do the right thing. I have to wonder though, when did doing the right thing become such a big deal?

James Carr,



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