Letter: Where were the rest of you?

Much is said about respecting our veterans whether it’s the speeches on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, the bumper stickers and decals shown on our vehicles, or people standing respectfully for our National Anthem.

All are very good moments to stop and remember what tremendous and heartbreaking sacrifices have been made for all of us.

There is, however, another way to show your appreciation. If you truly want to respect our veterans service and sacrifice, show up at the polls and vote. It is a simple process to register and multiple efforts are made to make voting convenient.

I am an election official at the American Legion, Lima precincts 4B, 6A, and 6B. Our percentages this past election were lower than we hoped, but I did see voters using walkers and wheelchairs, voters coming in from work and before work, elderly and young. Voter turnout at these precincts was 19%, 25%, and 28%. Patriotic Americans all. … but where were the rest of you?

If your child brought home school work with these percentages, would you be satisfied? To those who voted, thank you, To those who chose not to, please reconsider your priorities.

Rachel Schmersal

Columbus Grove


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