Letter: Pumped up for the elderly

Someone needs to stand up and do something about the lack of full-service gas stations for the elderly.

It’s a no brainer!

Have you ever looked around and noticed how the elderly and disable struggle getting out of their vehicle to pump their gas, or to try to reach over and clean their windows. “Try,” I said.

It’s not right! We can have buildings to sell marijuana, We can get permits to buy play toys you know what I mean. Among other little houses, yes they still exist.

But you’re telling me we can’t authorize four pumps to only serve the elderly and disable. No money will be lost if that’s the concern. You’re going to bring money in.

If the law can enforce seat belts there shouldn’t be a problem with enforcing every gas station to have lanes dedicated for the elderly and disabled.

I was raised to help the elderly. Caring about the elderly is still in my heart today. I’m not doing this for myself or my parents; they are no longer here with me. I’m advocating this for everyone.

I saw this little old lady crossing the railroad track.she was in her late 80s . I looked over at her, I saw her but I saw myself as well and I thought who was going to pump her gas ?

Who is going to pump my gas if I get her age?

Juliet Johnson




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