Letter: Mask or blindfold?

All the noise about refusing to address the problem of Covid-19.

Acquaintances, friends, neighbors, family: 14,000-plus cases and 260-plus dead in Allen County, and we are still counting the toll.

I have the vaccine, you do not.

I wear a mask, you do not.

So, let’s try this exercise.

At noon every day for a month we meet at Interstate 75 and state Route 309.

I put my mask on and you can use your mask as a blindfold.

And we walk across the three (3) lanes of the Interstate. I’ll take the north bound and you can take the South Bound. We can meet in the middle.

And eventually I will be visiting you at the hospital or the funeral home.

But it is your choice, Choose wisely.

David O. Smith



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