Letter: And then came Joe

First there was Carter and the Iranian hostage debacle, which lasted 444 days in 1979, gas shortages, inflation and stagnation. Then came Obama, theDemocrat darling who granted the gift of thousands of semi-automatic weapons to the Mexican Cartels in 2009, which led to the death of an American border agent. Lest we forget Obamacare, a total fiasco, and his pledge to end the Afghan war. Not bad for a community organizer. Barack who saved the South Side of Chicago and now lives in a $11.5 million mansion in Martha’s Vineyard on 29 acres. I’m sure he returns frequently to see his old friends in Chicago.

But wait, in stumbles President Joe Biden, the plagiarizing and note reading buffoon. The Catholic who believes in aborting children, the president who left behind American citizens in a war zone while welcoming unvetted Afghans into our country. The sham of a man responsible for killing 13 service personnel at Kabul airport, responsible for thousands of illegal immigrants surging over our southern border bearing youth killing drugs while spreading covid among other diseases.

He demands we as United States citizens wear masks and receive shots to prevent the spread while sending infected illegals to all parts of our country. He has destroyed our credibility throughout the world as a nation of trust, honor, strength and belief. He will forever be known as the president who delivered our citizens into the hands of our enemy, while supplying the Taliban with millitary equipment worth billions. He has degraded our nation and Constitution. He must be court martialed for cowardice and dereliction of duty.

Leslie J. Kubinski



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