Letter: Walter Potts name misused

Walter C. Potts was labeled the “Cornerstone of the Community” by Greg Hoersten of The Lima News in an article he wrote on February 16, 2021. As the children of Walter C. Potts, we stand by that declaration. Our father was a cornerstone of the Lima community and his legacy lives on in the Walter C. Potts Entrepreneurial Development & Training Center at the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce.

Recently, it has come to the attention of his children, that other organizations within the Lima community look to capitalize and advance their cause by attaching the name of Walter C. Potts to them without permission of the Potts family. The intentions of these organizations are unknown and the use of the name of Walter C. Potts has not been granted or authorized. While intentions may be good, the family does not know what these organizations are, or meant to accomplish by the use of Walter’s name. Therefore, the family cannot stand by any organization that would use the name of Walter C. Potts without approval or authority. It goes against all that Walter stood for.

The family wishes to make the public aware that our father was committed to the Lima community and gave many years of valuable service which culminated in the establishment of the Walter C. Potts Entrepreneurial Center with the Chamber of Commerce in 2007. No other organization has been given permission by Walter or the family to use his good name except for the Walter C. Potts Entrepreneurial Center. All other uses of his name within a business or organization have not been authorized and could lead the good people of Lima astray by relying on the name of Walter C. Potts.

The family has reached out to these organizations to cease and desist using the good name of Walter C. Potts and hope they will comply with the wishes of the family to not tarnish or demean the name of Walter C. Potts within the Lima community.

Michelle Potts

Diane Potts Hampton,

Michael Potts

Elaine Potts


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