Letter: COVID deaths not necessary

It is now a fact that 99 percent of all COVID deaths are now the unvaccinated. Several states are reporting the deaths of teachers and students at the start of the school year. Mississippi is reporting the deaths of infants and pregnant woman from COVID at numbers higher than the pervious year. Many prominent antivax conservative radio hosts like Marc Bernier and Dick Farrell are now dead from the disease they said you shouldn’t fear. More people have died from COVID in Texas alone than died in the Vietnam war.

Everyone who dies from COVID now doesn’t have to. They are dying from something they saw on Facebook or heard on Fox News.

Unvaccinated people are driving up insurance costs for everyone. They are clogging the hospitals and emergency rooms. They are blowing up Medicare. And they are killing other peoples children.

Republicans are now forming what they call medical freedom groups. Actively fighting for their right to spread a pandemic. And conveniently forgetting they spent the last 50 years fighting against that for women. Suddenly Republicans are pro choice.

No one has the right to willfully spread a pandemic across the country. No one has the right to infect or kill other people’s children. And yes, children are dying. This shouldn’t have to be explained to any rational adult.

Robert Dotson,



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