Letter: Sharetta Smith has clear plan

I attended the Lima Mayoral Candidates Debate Wednesday, September 8. Sharetta Smith was the clear winner.

Sharetta spoke with dignity and compassion. It was clear that she has the experience and the heart to lead our city. Her answers were direct, practical, and balanced. She recognizes that we must come together as a community who not only believe on our city, but also in its diverse group people. Sharetta’s experience includes managing in the private sector, working as a public defender, and serving as a criminal court magistrate. She is currently the Chief of Staff for the City of Lima.

Sharetta has clear plans to help decrease crime, address violence, grow our economy, bring our infrastructure into the 21st century, make investments in our youth, increase the quality of housing, and strengthen our neighborhoods. Please vote Sharetta Smith for Mayor of Lima, Ohio.

Laura Meredith

Shawnee Township


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