Letter: Where were Trump critics?

Looking at some of the recent letters published in The Lima News, one would think the subject matter pertains to the former president and not the current president. Where were all these critics when the former president was in office? The accusations made against the current president could more easily have been made, and correctly I might add, of the former president.

The endless statements by people of something being wrong with the current president, or his being a traitor to the country, or his inability to fulfill the duties of office would have been more aptly applied to the former president and current resident of Mar-A-Lago and/or Bedminster, NJ.

It seems like when it was the former president in the White House, the only descriptive terminology applied were words like “persecuted” or “victim”, when in reality the only honest descriptions for the former president are “traitor” and “insurrectionist” and “autocrat” and “dictatorial wannabe” and “loser”.

As much as the lovers of the former president would like to believe that President Biden is not up to the task, there is descriptive terminology that can be applied to him, that would never be applied to the former president. These are words like “honest” and “patriot” and “competent” and “empathetic” and “selfless” and “winner”.

Larry Donaldson



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