Letter: We’ve become a selfish nation

I am miffed about the behavior of people who are defiantly resisting flu shots and masks. They cry “I have my rights” without consideration toward the elderly, pregnant woman, infants, or a breadwinner that has young children who are depending on the income to eat?

If they would die because of your apathy and “rights,” how would you feel?

I’m a chicken with needles but I got vaccinated out of consideration for myself and others. Yes, masks are a pain, and we wish they would go away, but I wear one. (No one’s going to tell me what to do!)

A story in The Lima News talked about physical violence and harassment being used against public officials, teachers, disrupted city council and school board meetings and shootings over masks. Protests across the country are taking a violent turn. Parents are denying their children an education by keeping them home without alternative provision.

Is that a mature way to work the problem?

What happened during the Depression and World War ll? Neighbor helped neighbor. Rationing, blackout drills, shortages and sacrifices were made for the war effort. We weren’t crazy about it, but we pulled together.

What is happening to us as a nation today?

Marlene Schulze



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