Letter: No faith in Huffman, Cupp on redistricting

We the people, of Allen County, apologize for sending two professional politicians to the Ohio State House.

Bob Cupp was selected as House speaker, and Matt Huffman was selected as Senate president. They are now instrumental in making up new congressional districts.

They did not do well the last time when they drew the maps. Our 4th District looks like a duck and shares one county with two other districts. Thanks, Matt.

Bob Cupp will not release the information on the formation of the new districts. There have been computer-generated maps around for years to make fair districts so there are not many other ways the maps can be drawn. The Ohio citizens have voted twice to control this map-making process.

Even if the maps are drawn to their liking, they can not be changed for four years. Remember, these two individuals voted to take off the front license plate from your car, and law enforcement is not happy with them.

Bo Huenke



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