Letter: Finding God’s help in our daily lives

It’s easy to lose touch these days. Bad news… political disagreements, COVID heartache, weather-related devastation and road rage are everywhere.

I’m on the road and see and hear much of this playing out each day. It’s tough times we are dealing with, but good news awaits us all. The Bible promises us that.

As a man of faith, I see God’s muscles and handiwork wherever I go. Ask my wife, she’ll tell you.

I have a terrible habit of losing my wallter. Fortunately I have a band of angels that protect me, our family and friends and my wallet. Most recently, I lost it while driving the roadways of Putnam County.

A keen, former pilot in Ottawa spied a wallet with money poking out as he was traveling the roadway. He stopped, picked it up and contacted me. Together, we went back to the site and looked for anything he might have missed.

This fellow Putnam Countian renews our faith once again that mankind is capable of honesty and hopefulness.

God is working daily, showing me good people and reminding me that He is in the delays of our lives.

Gary Wilson



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