Letter: Missed those traits in Jordan, Trump

After reading Carl E. Westrick’s letter criticizing Dylan Gross’s letter of July 4 referencing the performances of Jim Jordan and Donald Trump, I, and maybe others, have not seen those lustrous characteristics mentioned in that letter.

Apart from the fact that Westrick has a constitutional right to express his opinion, he overlooked some of the printed and media information countering his claims. One example is Jim Jordan’s proposal to revise portion of Reform Bill 230, which needs to be reviewed but not for his action to pursue Trump’s interests. Another is his rejection by the Speaker of the House to sit with a bipartisan commission and investigate the Jan 6 insurrection that would have otherwise been an effort on his part to disrupt the commission’s venue and protect Trump from a third possible impeachment.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, convinced American voters that he was an outsider, businessman, very intelligent and capable of draining the swamp. After a year, there wasn’t any change. Instead we repeatedly saw and heard his stockpile of superlatives about his actions, his exaggerations and his own data, which he came to believe as truths.

He was driven with profound needs for self-inflation, power, success, achievement, recognition and adulation. It was vital to Donald Trump to always win; never lose; never show weakness; never admit the possibility of losing, or after losing, that he lost; and never apologize or compromise.

Is this what you and others would welcomed back to govern our country? I hope not.

Bob Proby

Shawnee Township


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