Letter: Bad results seen from bad president

According to the Department of Labor, under the Biden administration prices have already increased for lumber from $304 to $1,500 per 1,000 board feet, gas from $1.95 to $3.05 per gallon, wheat from $185 to $251 per ton, coal from $39 to $80 per ton, corn from $3.45 to $6.86 per bushel, as well as increased prices for computer chips, steel, copper, homes and home appliances.

There are shortages of new cars and mowers. Record numbers of illegals are currently crossing our southern border. Violent crime is escalating.

Yet readers like Charles Thomas, Tim Swenson, Robert Dotson, Cheryl Rockwood and Clarence Roller continue to push the false narrative that we are better off than we were under the Trump Administration.

Even informed Democrats are starting to realize the truth. According to the Trafalgar Poll, 56.5% of Americans (including 31.7% of Democrats) do not believe that President Biden is fully executing the duties of his office. They believe someone else is calling the shots.

Shame on those of you who voted in a president whose cognizance is obviously impaired. Decrepit Joe Biden stumbles when he walks and cannot put two coherent sentences together in his public appearances. He is an embarrassment and not capable of handling this nation’s highest office. Hopefully, as state audits continue to prove the voter fraud that gave him the election, the imposter and his illegitimate cabinet will be removed from office.

Tom Riegle



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