Letter: Return our refinery jobs

The Husky/Cenovus Lima Refinery has been our local union’s major source of work for 136 years. My main concern is when these out of state workers come in not knowing what they’re doing, what will happen?

The 3,000 jobs that are being outsourced could be done by local Ohio workers. The Ohio building Trades are highly trained to do their job, and are required to have classroom training and on the job training. I would like to know what certifications and training these out of state workers have.

The Husky/Cenovus Lima Refinery General Manager Claudio Ingaramo stated that the Refinery is an exemplary community partner to Lima. But he replaced our workers to bring in out of state workers, and taking $70,000,000 out of our community.

I hope the Husky/Cenovus does the right thing and give our local workers their jobs back.

Brandan Williams



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