Letter: What’s happened to our city?

I have been in and out of Lima for 45 years. Three years ago I retuned to take up permanent residence. What a difference I saw in the city. One thing was the same and that was the administration, people I once respected.

I guess you’re not suppose to mention names, but we know the people who have been in their positions for a long time and those that are not employed by the city but have been around as long as the others and in lock step with demise of the city. Neighborhoods that were once beautiful, crime rate astronomical by federal standards, illegal drug sales as cottage industries and are the city’s biggest form of economic development, etc etc etc.

In the last election this current administration needed help to get elected, sounds like they were getting beat, so word has it they went outside the city and brought AFL-CIO members to town and paid them to walk door to door, house to house for the mayor’s re-election campaign. I interpret that to mean the people of this administration that are “helping” the city couldn’t be bothered to help. What will they do this time bring in BLM, ANTIFA? This is really making me rethink my vote.

They bring up anything about out-of-state issues. Question: Why does the chief of staff still have out-of-state plates on her car? Things that make you go hum.

Robert DeVita,



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