Letters: Time to pass Bob Cupp’s plan

In response to “ The School funding Dilemma” published on June 6th in The Lima News:

As a grandmother and a product of public schools myself, I was disappointed when I found out that the funding formula was declared unconstitutional over two decades ago. It is obvious to me that our school district is underfunded. It’s disappointing that the Ohio Supreme court has also acknowledged that our schools are at a disadvantage, and our state legislators have failed to fix it!

In a city like Lima, we will never have adequate funding for our schools with poverty property taxes. With so many vacant lots and abandoned buildings my question is, “ Does the city pay property taxes to themselves?” If not, that is even less money going into our schools. Our schools have so little money to provide some of the basic essentials that are needed to properly aid in the development of our children, and it shows in areas like our athletic department. Our children have to share used sports uniforms while traveling to other schools where those kids have adequate uniforms. That type of experience can weigh on a kid’s self-esteem.

So as we talk about the importance of funding our schools adequately, we are talking about more than just education in the classroom, we are talking about the entire development of our children and the future of Lima. It’s crucial to have a fair funding formula for our kids to have a fair chance at better education and better life. Let’s stop debating for decades and pass the bill!

I pray that Bob Cupp sticks to the formula that works and that he has worked so hard for.

Denise James,



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