Letter: Make a difference, get the vaccine

On behalf of the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce, I would like to thank our business owners for their resilience over this past year and the members of our communities who continue to step up to support them as we work to move past this pandemic. For those who have received the vaccine, you have helped lead the reopening of Ohio’s economy while protecting our business community and our workforce.

Since this pandemic started, the harm caused to business owners and local manufacturing has been significant. Our local health professionals continue to tell us that our ability to curb this terrible virus is by continuing to educate and encourage others to get the vaccine.

Since the start of the pandemic, the chamber has stepped up to ensure our business community and its employees have the necessary resources to navigate this challenging new landscape. From educating business owners on access to PPP and EIDL assistance to providing information on keeping our workforce safe and healthy, the chamber has worked diligently to provide the most up-to-date information.

Knowing the challenges that we have faced together and the opportunities we have before us, I would encourage everyone to remain focused on doing what they can to support our local businesses, and one of many ways to do that is to consider getting the vaccine if you are able.

Jed Metzger,

Lima/Allen County Chamber


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