Letter: Don’t let refinery kill Ohio jobs

Dear Ohio Workers:

I regret to inform you that your Ohio jobs have been shot in the back by the Cenovus/Husky Energy management at the Lima Refinery. They are killing your Ohio jobs by bringing cheaper workers from other states.

The company has stated they need to kill Ohio jobs because it would save millions of dollars for the company’s already huge bank accounts.

Cenovus Energy only made $13 billion dollars in 2020! This demonstration of Ohio job killing greed has never been so outrageous. The company will save money for management’s bonuses by taking paychecks from Ohio workers! This is the company’s plan.

The company uses Ohio roads, Ohio land, Ohio water, Ohio air, and Ohio electricity to help make billions of dollars every year! These resources are mostly paid for by Ohio workers/taxpayers.

Don’t let them kill Ohio jobs and take paychecks from Ohio workers!


• Call and write Cenovus CEO, Alex Pourbaix, at 877-766-2066 and 225 6 Ave SW PO Box 766; Calgary, AB T2P 0M5

• Call and write Governor DeWine, Jim Jordan Sherrod Brown, Matt Huffman, and Robert Cupp, and demand action to protect Ohio JOBS!

Make you voice heard on social media and demand action to protect Ohio jobs! Follow Cenovus on all social media platforms and let them know what you think!

Thank you for taking action!

Tim LuceWireman,

Laborers’ Local 329


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