Letter: Nothing like a newspaper

As I was about to board my plane in Cincinnati, I noticed it on a nearby chair.

“Could it be?” I wondered.

I walked over. Ah, it was — the day’s newspaper!

It was the front section of The Lima News, and I eagerly picked it up. I then noticed another pile on a nearby table — this time, the Dayton Daily News.

Wow! People’s trash became my treasure!

During my two-hour flight to Sarasota, I went through every page. There was, of course, coverage of the governmental meetings in Europe. And a report of a big mall owner that filed for bankruptcy.

The Reds win in Milwaukee didn’t make the deadline of either paper, but there was an article about how my boys are playing well — and why they’re on a roll.

There was a picture of a high school basketball player who signed with the University of Northwestern Ohio. And a full page of legal notices.

I read the bridge column. And a bunch of comics. Blondie and Hi and Lois are still around!

When I got up at the end of the flight, I noticed a guy two rows back smiling at me.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw someone reading a newspaper on a plane,” he said.

Ha! Me either!

Dean Congbalay,

Longboat Key, Fla.


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