Letter: The ignored story of Juneteenth

I agree with Biden on Juneteenth and white supremacy.

This is the time that the Black Americans can celebrate their freedom from slavery from the Democrats and white Republicans can honor their fallen ancestors who gave their lives to free the slaves from the Democrats!

In the census of 1850 there were 3,204,313 slaves in America. All were owned by the Democrats.

Slavery had been going on for 235 years when the Republican Party was formed in 1854 and in only 11 years slavery was abolished on Jan. 1st 1863. It wasn’t until Juneteenth of 1865 that the final slaves were freed in Texas.

There is a lot of talk about white supremacy in America and how bad it is to our Republic. Who were the original “white supremacist”? Democrats! Democrats who lorded their position over their black workers.

Who are the white supremacist today? It’s the same darn Democrats, who if you don’t agree with them call you vile names, attack your person and destroy your business.

They still think they are superior to black Americans and Republicans.

Gary Baxter



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