Letter: Sherrod Brown is Pinocchio

When Ohio’s Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown was in Lima, he was asked about President Biden’s proposed $400 million cut in funding to the tank plant. Brown’s answer was to try to discredit President Trump, saying Trump had tried to put the plant out of business and “we (the Democrats) fought back.” Coming from a member of the party that put thousands of union members out of work by stopping the Keystone Pipe Line, that took a lot of guts.

Perhaps Brown did not remember that President Trump visited our local , and the only reaming tank plant in the nation, to show his support and his intention to keep the site open and to secure more funding for the vital work being done there. Or perhaps Brown did, but thought that the union members, not the union officials, had forgot Trump’s visit.

Mr. Brown is a true example of lying Democrats. They will say anything to achieve their goal of turning our country into a Socialist version of Venezuela while blaming the other party for the actions they are taking now and have taken in the past.

Let us hope that the next time Mr. Brown runs for re-election, the union members whom his party has wronged will remember and vote him out of office.

Of course that will require the defeat of House Bill One which will make it possible for the Democrats to add the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to the Democrat voter roles. Make no mistake, House Bill One is the Democrat Plan to insure that they will hold power forever. The lies the Democrats are telling about this bill should even make Mr. Brown blush.

Kenneth E. Harris,



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