Letter: Alternative choices for alternative energy

This country is blessed with tremendous natural and non-intrusive areas in which to employ the construction of energy producing entities. Now I realize that certain factors exist which would line the pockets with the green of greed and tremendously enhance bank accounts of divisive and manipulative promoters. Just to expose the desecration of our farmlands by the removal of viable food production by the erection of eye and ear sores upon thousands of acres, I propose another possibility.

We contain in North America roughly 30% of arid or semi-arid land, 463,977 square miles which is considered desert. It would provide more than adequate room to construct endless solar panel application, enough to power the total world with a boundless energy source. The sun shines unrelenting upon this region which is an ideal condition for consideration. We are blessed with the tremendous shoreline of our country , 95,471 miles not counting our great lakes from we have the ability to harness the wind with our turbines out of sight of land. The winds blow unimpeded from and toward the sea unlike the land . The configuration of the anchorage towers provides habitat for an abundant marine life which is a boon for our fishermen.

We now provide habitat for the aquatic industry at present by the sinking of old, worn out vessels on the continental shelf. This provides sanctuary for a teeming marine life. Therefore, there is no need to hinder food production for a hungry world by the desecration and removal of our fertile. beautiful farmlands. There is enough starvation in our world without producing more.

Leslie J. Kubinski



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