Letter: Trick drivers in Lima and beyond

A large portion of the drivers in Lima (and elsewhere) are professional stunt drivers (or a wannabe).

They seem to know many tricks of driving. The fast get-a-way trick. The slam on your brakes at the last minute trick. The who cares what the speed limit sign says trick. And many more!

Recently, a common trick I see more often is the tricky “drive two cars at one time” trick. How is this possible? Let me explain.

If the trickster drives 24 to 36 inches from your bumper, you will drive faster — he is in charge of your car. If the trickster drives within eight to 10 inches from your bumper, you will drive very fast and even exceed the ridiculous “speed limit” sign.

Not always, lead foot. Some people do not watch their mirror closely enough to know you are behind them and that you are driving their car for them. They do stop fast (and hard) for cats, dogs, yard sales, squirrels, and butterflies.

End of lesson!

PS. I always enjoy your “one finger” wave when I am going 20 mph in the school zone! And remember: The law, Ohio Revised Code section 4513.03, requires drivers on Ohio roads to turn on their headlights whenever their wipers are in use.

George H Haver,



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