Letter: Looking out for big cats

Ever since Netflix’s series “Tiger King” premiered, a new bill known as the big cat public safety act has been introduced. If passed, private ownership of lions, tigers, leopards and many other exotic cats will be abolished, which will be a godsend for both the cats and the people.

For one, it will put an end to the cub petting industry, and thus, no more cubs will be taken from their mothers. And, it will probably ensure that fewer people will be killed or injured by their animals, because, as beautiful as big cats are, they simply aren’t suited to be pets.

And, incidents like what happened in Zanesville in 2011 (where the casualties included 18 tigers, 17 lions, and three cougars) will be less likely to happen again. Places like Joe Exotic or Jeff Lowe’s parks will be shut down, and their animals given to better homes. And, it will likely prevent crossbreeding that would produce ligers or tigons, which contributes nothing to wildlife conservation.

It’s also a proven fact that there are more tigers in captivity than there are in the wild. I implore all of you to urge our legislators to make the Big Cat Public Safety Act a law. If we work together and push for more legislation, we can ensure the well-being of captive big cats for years to come.

Thomas Miller Huffman



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