Letter: By George, I have the answer

This is a belated acknowledgment of a thoughtful, well written letter in the May 10th Lima News by George H. Haver.

Mr. Haver wrote of the fascinating world of nature all around us and he posed several questions, one of which was “Who thought all this stuff up?” The answer is, Almighty God our father who designed the wonders and intricacies of nature, of our bodies and of the ebb and flow of the physical world. He created everything from the vast, incredible universe right down to the tiniest of atomic particles and it all works together with amazing precision. And on top of all that He created it all from nothing!

When you are thinking about the natural world or learning from the PBS programs that Mr. Haver recommended, know that there is a supreme being, Almighty God, who “thought all this stuff up” and give Him the thanks and praise that He deserves.

Charles and Mamie Yeagle,



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