Letter: 1st amendment a shield, not sword

I am writing in response to the guest column written by Josh Mandel, “Faith is worth fighting for” that was published on May 12th in The Lima News.

There is a huge difference between “God will guide my work” and “I will legislate for God…” Mr. Mandel seems to think a candidate for elected office in the United States must do the later.

The 1st amendment is suppose to be used as shield and not as sword.

“We the People” in the Constitution means everyone who is a citizen and not just the people who have a faith.

The Boy Scouts were sued for discrimination because they are a group that have benefited from government support yet refused to allow atheists to join — while they also use to discriminate against LGBTQ kids, today they still only discriminate against atheists.

The opening prayer you weren’t offended by still violated then Ohio House rules that opening prayers be nondenominational, nonsectarian and nonproselytizing. Including Jesus violated the rule and our current Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, not the “secular left” asked members to obey the rules.

I think the people of Ohio should consider someone who supports all of the rights in the Bill of Rights and the general rule of law, someone who doesn’t ignore medical science to score cheap political points, and someone who will defend the results of a fair election no matter who wins. An individual’s religious beliefs or lack of beliefs should be irrelevant.

Douglas Berger

President, Secular Humanists of Western Lake Erie


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