Letter: Planet Earth an amazing place

The story of the Cicada’s life cycle is amazing. How do they know when the 17 years are up and that it is time to put on their show?

Do they all have tiny little wrist watches that will ring at just the right time. Nature is both fascinating and astounding at the same time. Who thought all this stuff up?

Then there is all the migration of birds! Then there is the migration of whales! And how do worms survive the winter? And how do they dig through hard earth, what do they eat, and 64,000 other questions.

I think about these things often. This Earth of ours is an amazing place – and many people do not even know it. They don’t stop to wonder, to think, to question.

Only thing some of them care about is the next beer and the next person to be traded in the world of football or basketball. There is more to life and it is all around us. And your imagination and questioning is FREE!!!

There is help with this understanding and it is called PBS. Watch “Nova” and “Nature” and you can learn a lot.

That is why my Estate will go to PBS in Bowling Green, Ohio. I love PBS! I learn and get entertainment there all the time. An inquiring mind is a good thing!!!

The people we study understand that. Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Galileo Galilei, Ada Lovelace. Now this is a great start - a great list of people to follow and study with!!!

Keep having fun and keep learning. (269 words)

George H Haver



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