Letter: No to national police force

The states of the United States of America created the national government — not the other way around. The powers delegated by the US Constitution are few and defined and those which remain in State governments are numerous and indefinite. We are a Republic. We are not a democracy as we have been trained to use. Democracies are turbulent, contentious, incompatible with personal security, and property rights. They are violent as we are currently witnessing in American cities across the country.

There is no area of life that the federal government does not impact including reading e-mails, listening to phone calls, tracking deposits and withdrawals, education, welfare, housing, guns, etc. We are supposed to be a limited government, but we have a multitude of agencies, bureaus, corporations, commissions, administrations, boards, and departments. This has been happening since the New Deal when progressives were and still are supportive of increasing the size and scope of the federal government for power and control over we the people.

You can easily see the federal government has their sights set on having a centralized national police force rather than an independent local one. They do believe in police, but not from the local level, and is why they are currently going after them. Again, to exert power and control over we the people.

Steps to correct these actions include nullification of unconstitutional federal actions by the states, following the Constitution in the first place, and not voting for and voting out unconstitutional politicians. We are a bottom up (from the people type of government) not top down as we witness all the assaults coming at us from the federal government who uses our tax money against us (grants) as incentive to get their wish list. For more information on how you can help visit jbs.org.

Linda Bishop



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