Letter: What really is socialism?

While Sherri Eley’s letter in the Your View column about Jim Jordan’s performance was criticized, Carl Westrick failed to explain an assertion he made in his article “Jim Jordan has my support.”

Carl and others use the word socialism quite liberally without explanation. How do you define socialism? Socialism might mean an economic system controlled by the state and planned by a central planning authority that provides for a greater social welfare and decreases business fluctuations. Then, would the 79-plus “social” programs in our system of Social Security, general welfare, healthcare spending, education spending, food assistance, and public housing be a part of this socialism definition and your socialism theory? If so, what would be your thoughts about other economic alternatives that would be more beneficial for America?

What about the idiom of the early 20th century, “pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

This expression was a joke and somehow became a motivating ember to improve one’s situation through hard work and self-determination, rather than getting assistance from someone else. Should this be the Biden’s White House approach to our economy to appease Republican and all those saturated with fear of an America turning toward socialism? May I ask if you and your supporters benefit from these programs? I am quite sure that you do.

Lastly, Sherri Eley is seeking truth and accountability and not dissonance. America did not fall asleep election night and allowed 81,283,098 votes to slip under the radar like a F22 fighter? America has spoken– let’s move on.

Bob Proby,

Shawnee Township


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