Letter: Autumn Swanson listens, helps

Autumn Swanson has my Vote for mayor of Lima!

I have known Autumn through her working for the city and from working with her in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Association. From getting to know Autumn I have found her to be smart, kind and of good character. I have known her to be very open and available when it comes to getting things done for the association or when I have questions about programs offered throughout the city.

We have worked in the community together for many events — National Night Out, City Wide Pride, Ottawa River Cleanup, etc. Autumn is out in the community on a consistent basis and I know this because I have seen her. You can talk with Autumn very easily. I have found her to be very receptive and approachable. Even when she wasn’t working she would answer questions with a positive attitude, and maintain being professional. I’ve seen her handle conflict with a smile and address situations accordingly. She has common sense and strong values.

She is out here working with us and in our city to only make it better. Autumn has a serious love for Lima and the knowledge of the city to get the job done. If we want a Mayor who will listen to our voices, hear our concerns, and then make good on her word.

Vote Autumn Swanson for mayor of Lima!

Denise Cobbs



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